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Small Business Accounting

Effective Small Business Accounting in Lowell, MA

Image of a business meeting.At Massimino CPA, LLC, we want to help your company run as smoothly as possible by assisting with your accounting needs. Whether you're looking for new accounting software to track product sales, considering your start-up's entity options, or require a payroll system, we are here to help. We enjoy seeing your business succeed as you find new avenues of sustainable growth, and we look forward to working closely with you.

Since 1985, our hardworking team has supported the small businesses of Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, MA, and the surrounding communities with tax and accounting services. We are attentive to your needs, responsive, and thorough in our work. To best support you, we offer our services virtually via Zoom or in person. Our bilingual team can assist you in English or Spanish according to your preferences. Get in touch with our Lowell, MA, accountants today regarding your free initial consultation!

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Making Your Life Easier with Cloud Accounting

Image of business partners chatting in officeModern technological advances have made accounting more efficient and accessible than ever before. With cloud accounting, all your sensitive financial data is securely encrypted and stored in the cloud, so you can access your finances from any location that has an internet connection. You can track your revenue, expenses, and sales in real time from almost anywhere in the world!

Our QuickBooks® ProAdvisor is expertly equipped to help you set up and run an accounting system tailored to your company's specific needs. We can show your employees how to quickly and easily send invoices and quotes, capture incoming receipts and bills, and reconcile your bank statements. If you already use the system and are having issues with your software, we can troubleshoot to find and fix the problem.

Should your team have a staff member who already understands the basics of your accounting software, we can show you how to use advanced features such as custom invoicing or enhanced custom fields. We want you to get the most benefit out of your system. Our team can adapt to whatever software you are using and provide efficient oversight.

Business Consulting to Weigh Your Options

We provide business consulting to advise you regarding the most crucial aspects of your company. If you're looking to acquire a bank loan, we work with you to complete your paperwork correctly and thoroughly. Our experienced team can help you manage your cash flow and find ways to cut overhead costs and streamline your operations. If your executives are currently considering an acquisition, we can walk you through the process and provide logistical support.

Helping You Get a Small Business Off the Ground

Perhaps you've decided that it's the perfect time to open the business of your dreams. We are thrilled to support you during this monumental step! Our Lowell start-up accounting services include:

Entity Selection: Choosing the correct entity for your business is crucial. Your company's entity directly influences how much your company will owe in taxes. We can discuss your short- and long-term goals to help you make the best choice for your situation.

Tax Planning: The decisions you make throughout the year have enormous implications on your tax liability. We show you how your important decisions, such as deciding between buying or leasing work equipment, can impact you in the long run.

Equity Distributions: Our team can plan an equity split for your start-up if this is an option you are interested in pursuing. An equity split can provide a way to compensate your employees for their work by granting them a larger share of company ownership.

Equity Ownership: We thoroughly analyze your assets and liabilities to get a sense of your business financially and how you can meet your fiscal targets. Doing so helps you understand whether your business needs additional revenue sources or if you're in an excellent position to expand.

What if My Business Operates Across State Lines?

Running a business that operates across state lines is inevitably more complicated than selling a product solely within a small area. Our team works with small businesses to find the paperwork you need to operate out of state. We can also analyze your local, state, and federal tax requirements and assist you with filing your taxes.

Providing a Payroll System for Your Lowell Employees

We know how hard your employees work for you and want to help you compensate them fairly for their effort. Our team assists with your payroll set-up, including registration, so you have a reliable system in place that you can rely on. With direct deposit accounts and efficiently prepared Lowell payroll services, your team members will be paid their correct salary on time directly to their accounts.

Working with Nonprofits

Image of office desk with computer displaying financial graphsNonprofits perform incredible work, frequently for little recognition or reward. We are proud to support both established and start-up nonprofits. Our team can provide start-up services to get your nonprofit off the ground, including working with you to file your Form 990.

When you're in business, it's vital to use a top-quality accounting system so that your data is accurately tracked and stored. Our team goes to great lengths to find software that meets your needs and allows your corporation to function smoothly. We can handle initial installation, offer software training, and provide thorough oversight.

Your executives expect regular board reports on your nonprofit's financial standing. We help produce board reports, so you and your leadership know how and where your money is being spent.

Your Trusted Small Business Accountant in Lowell, MA

We know how much effort you've put into your business to become successful. When you take advantage of our years of accounting experience, technological skillset, and precise work, you free up valuable time to focus on your company goals. Massimino CPA, LLC looks forward to partnering with you. Contact us at our Lowell office today!

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